Refusal of the Extraordinary Form could be considered as a rupture of communion
There has been some slight improvements in my state. In the country town I grew up in the charismatic bishop refused to allow any Old Mass at all. Last year he conferred confirmation in the traditional rite on a bunch of kids. Granted, he didn't celebrate the Mass himself but at least he was present and the once monthly Latin Mass is now weekly.
The Holy Father is in a very difficult position.  Anyone who has been in a position of authority knows that you cannot go from being excessively lenient to suddenly cracking down.  The Church has become "ungovernable".  What to do now?  I don't know.  Pray the indulgenced prayer for the Pope.
(12-20-2010, 10:38 AM)Ockham Wrote: " . . . He began his intervention by saying that the French bishops, who like to interact with non-Christians, ought also to dialogue with Catholics and that they must not be afraid of the sheep of their own flock! . . ."


I'm glad this precise problem is confined to France!

Close your eyes a moment and imagine how it would be if the entire N.O. were like that!  Oh, I can imagine they would be drawing up pacts with lutherans, the church of England, telling other heretics their "path to heaven" is ok, celebrating with assorted non-Christians, etc., all the while treating trads like a nuisance giving us one Mass per month at an odd time, if we're lucky enough to even get that.  Let's hope this ill remains confined to France!!

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