CMRI to take on Novus Ordo Priest
The interview is from 2009, but Fr. Oswalt gives us all insight into the heresy being spread at Novus Ordo seminaries.  Lucky for Traditional Catholics, Fr. Oswalt had the grace to realize he was not in the right church.  Fr. Oswalt is still preparing for his conditional ordination by Bp. Pivarunas.  I would note, even if you are not a sedevacantist, this interview is worth watching as it does not address sedevacantist issues.
This seems great! I'll be looking forward to hearing this interview.
Looks good.
Fr. Oswalt: "I'm just trying to be a loyal son of the Church."
Pastor X: "Which Church? The pre-Vatican II Church or the post-Vatican II Church?"

Quod erat demonstrandum.

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