might have to agree with China in one regard
Some of you may be following the 'tit-for-tat' between China and the Vatican over the continued attempts at control by the Chinese government on the selection and consecration of bishops and repression of the underground church.

I certainly have no sympathy for China, but their recent statement, quoted below, gives pause for thought:

“The Vatican’s behavior is very imprudent and ungrounded,” a government spokesman said. “The Vatican’s position is well-known. It works to promote political ideas under the pretext of religious belief, which is very dangerous and will seriously harm the healthy development of Chinese Catholicism in China.”

The  bolded sentence really stuck out and I can't altogether dismiss it. Of course it is true that after one converts one's life, this will have an impact on their activities and thus in the political sphere. For example, when one becomes a practising Catholic one would normally do what was within one's sphere of influence to protest against abortion, vote against it, etc., or  against gay-marriages, and support other kinds of causes. This ultimately has a political impact.

But, I can't help but think that what the Chinese government is referring to, is what appears to be the prima-facie abandonment of the primary goal of personal salvation by the Vatican II Church, and in favour of what can be dubbed a new religion of human rights. One can't help thinking that given the multitude of proclamations coming out of the Vatican social justice offices, and the lack of any clear talk of the primary mission of the Church is to lead souls to Heaven, that they might not be far off in their analysis.

When have we heard any talk of the rights of God? It is becoming clearer all the time that what is meant by Human Rights are really a denial of the Rights of God the creator over His creatures.

I believe that this diplomatic fiasco, that is causing real life suffering in sincere souls, is yet another case of the liberal Vatican II human rights agenda, causing mischief and mayhem.

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