1000 Australian Anglicans tipped to join Catholic Church

The Anglican Ordinariate in Australia is expected to attract about 1000 Anglicans from churches, according to a report.

Catholics, mainstream Anglicans and members of the breakaway Traditional Anglican Communion set up a nine-member committee last week to oversee the transition to the ordinariate by June 12. For the first time, Anglicans planning to switch to Rome believe they will be able to take their church properties, too, which has been a stumbling block.

TAC leader Archbishop John Hepworth said provided Anglican priests and congregations did not resign, they might be able to show ''beneficial ownership'' and keep the properties when they moved.

He said that in England the Archbishop of Canterbury was allowing departing Anglicans to keep using their properties, and he hoped the Australian church would too. ''It would be the tolerant and godly thing to do.''

He said the ordinariate would have churches in all Australian capital cities and many regional and rural places.

The TAC has 400,000 members worldwide but only 700 in Australia.


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