The Most Impressive (or just your favorite) Combat Weapons Thread
special mention for mankind first great combat weapon:

the rock

[Image: 1391760433_98484c6ccc.jpg]

still good wepaon actually
I'm going to have to say the trebuchet is a beautiful weapon.
the word beautiful wouldnt com eto mind louis. effective maybe

[Image: trebuchet.jpg]
Here is mine...

[Image: fa_18_ef_super_hornet_l1.jpg]

[Image: f18comp.gif]

Very nice, the F-18 Hornet.
(01-01-2011, 02:46 PM)Louis_Martin Wrote: I'm going to have to say the trebuchet is a beautiful weapon.

I built a trebuchet for my science fair in gr 8. It was awesome, I hurled candy eggs all over the fair floor  :laughing:
Colt 1911A1 is my choice. (I'd take a Remington, Kimber, Springfield Armory, etc, too)

[Image: Springfield_Armory_M1911A1.JPG]

There's a whole lot to be said for something that's been in continuous production for 100 years. You can tear it down to the last piece for cleaning with nothing more than a screwdriver. Plus, the ergonomics are great, mine fits my hand just perfect.
My vote is for the AK. Versatile, reliable, rugged and just as accurate as any other currently fielded rifle when built properly.

The picture below is the exact model that I currently posses and it is my go-to-gun. It's chambered in 5.56 and hold its own against ARs (in terms of accuracy) all day and more reliable to boot.

[Image: d_1287.jpg]
Most impresive individual infantry weapon is easily the XM25

[Image: xm25_3640.jpg]

My favorite is Barbie for men

[Image: Barbie_for_Men.jpg]

But if I had ever used it....the XM25 would be my favorite.

My favorite dream weapon is the H&K UMP .45

[Image: lg_ump_8.jpg]
The Roman short sword( Gladius) probably sent more men to the Elysian Fields than any weapon in history.

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