Restore the minor orders!
(01-25-2011, 09:49 PM)cgraye Wrote: In the past, if you were a cleric, you were celibate - not permanently yet, but you were heading down that road, and you weren't looking.  A wife and children are the most precious things in this world.  And being a cleric is a great privilege.  It is fitting that to receive that gift you give up what is most precious in this world in order to dedicate yourself to serving God and his Church.  It is not necessary, and not universal in the entire Church, but it is a long tradition in the Latin Church and with good reason behind it.  It sets clergy apart in a special way.  When you see a cleric, you know he has sacrificed (or is in the process of sacrificing) the greatest joys in life to be there, for God and for you.

Giving up a little of your time does not compare to that.  It's not hard or time-consuming to learn these things - as you pointed out, a seven-year-old can do it.

Alrighty. Then maintain celibacy.... and restore the minor orders.
I think that major clerics should be celibate (or at least continent in compliance with the new Code), however I do not know that such a restriction is necessary in the minor orders (but by all means, let's have the orders either way!)

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