Why I'm Giving Up Communion On the Tongue

Quote:I have always received the Eucharist on the tongue.

This is not something I usually get all political or righteous about. I understand that many devout people hold different opinions on this topic and that “good” Catholics are free to receive on the hand or on the tongue. For me, though, receiving on the tongue has always felt like the most appropriate way to recognize and respect Christ’s real presence in the Eucharist.

But now I’m not so sure anymore.

While I still very much prefer to receive on the tongue, I am afraid that option is becoming a less reasonable choice for me. And, ironically, it’s becoming a less respectful way to receive the Eucharist.

At the Masses I attend, more often than not, I receive Communion from an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. These EMHCs, more often than not, have no idea what to do when a person presents herself to receive Communion on the tongue. I am not blaming them for this problem so much as whatever training they have received. I know that their training for Communion on the tongue is inadequate because ...

—Some of them place the host on my tongue along with what feels like their entire hand.

—Some rush to jam the host into my mouth even as they are still saying “Body of Christ” and I am hurrying to respond “Amen.”

Some ignore my children’s open mouths and opt instead to force the host between the fingers of their folded hands.

—And finally, some, like the poor lady who gave me Communion yesterday, are so flustered and anxious in the face of an on-the-tongue situation, that they fail to place the host anywhere near my tongue. They let go of it somewhere on the approach to my face and it winds up on floor.

The woman yesterday apologized and immediately picked it up. Thoroughly defeated, I offered my hands for her to place it in.

It shouldn’t be this hard.

I know I could “solve” this problem by only attending Mass in the Extraordinary Form where receiving on the tongue while kneeling is the norm. But that is just not a realistic option for me.

I could be stubborn and insist upon receiving on the tongue because I have a right to, even when the challenges it causes become a distraction to myself and others. But that doesn’t seem like something Christ would want me to do.

Jesus is Jesus, in my hand or on my tongue.

And that is why I am 90% convinced that from now on, when I receive the Eucharist from an EMHC, I should put my own preferences aside and receive in the way that is least likely to cause confusion and distraction—in the hand.

O Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like yours!

Dear, oh dear. I don't think this needs any further comment really, at least one that would illuminate anyone here. This just makes me so sad. [Image: i-has-a-sad.jpg]

And what is with "90% convinced..." bit? What the...?
Fit into the Novus Ordo or die!
You only need to receive Communion once a year, during the season of Easter. That's a better route in my opinion than the hand stuff.
(12-29-2010, 05:47 PM)The_Harlequin_King Wrote: You only need to receive Communion once a year, during the season of Easter. That's a better route in my opinion than the hand stuff.

That's the bare minimum, yes. I've personally done it more than once. However, frequent communion does encourage you to live in the state of grace. In other words, to avoid sin more often.

An even better solution is to quit going to the NO altogether.
It has finally been accomplished.  2+2=5, blue is green, good is finally bad.  All according to the magesterium, so it's OK.  Only God can turn this around.  :broke:
It never ceases to surprise me how many stupid people go to the NO. This NOtard could solve all her problems by receiving only from the Priest.
Back in my NO days when I was an EMHC I was given instruction on the proper way to give Communion on the tongue. I would rather have no EMHC's and have Communion on the tongue only from a priest but if the NO is going to have EMHC's there is no reason why they can't be properly instructed in how to give Communion on the tongue.

I read this the other day and was just amazed that the guy writing this couldn't see the real problem and call for either an end to EMHCs or at least better training for them.  It should be so obvious...
(12-29-2010, 07:44 PM)verenaerin Wrote:Mr T- "Father, you forgot to give us Holy Communion."
Father- "Oh, I did, well there are other servers there."
Mr. T- silence
Father- "Ok, meet me at the front of the church"

Shouldn't that be:

Mr. T: I pitty the fool who tries to give me Communion from unconsecrated hands!"

What do yall make of the "I'm 90% convinced..." part? That still just cracks me up, as much as 'NOtard' and "I PITY THE FOOL who administers without consecrated hands!  :laughing:

Just so bizarre to me - what does she mean? How can someone who is self-assured in some belief then say they are 90% sure of it?  :laughing: Geez.

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