favorite liquor? mixed drinks? wine?
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(12-29-2010, 11:28 PM)Baskerville Wrote: I am a boring guy Jack and Coke or Crown Royal and Coke with the occasional Vodka and Cranberry juice.

I'm with you.  I'm trying find an interest in wines now.  Hubby bought me a bottle of MD 20/20 for Christmas.  Thankfully I had already bought a bottle of White Zinfendel.  :laughing:

Yeah when it comes to wine I am a cheap Arbor Mist kinda guy. Their Blackberry Merlot yum. :wine:

Ick!! That's not wine!! Thats fruit juice...

I love beer, drinking a Kokanee as I type. I love keiths and grasshopper too. Heinekin, corona, or Stella Artois are all delish  as well.
I do love captain Morgans spiced rum. Crown royal if I'm drinkin whiskey, and appleton estates rum is great as well. As for wine, been drinking allot of copper moon lately, it's a nice merlot. I love yellowtail Shiraz as well.
Be careful of German wines like Liebfraumilich, they often contain tiny amounts antifreeze to make them more palatable, and Germans don't mind if they have it in them.I would suggest replacing it with Bolla Soave, or Bolla Riesling from Italy. Salute tutti
(01-05-2011, 09:06 AM)timoose Wrote: Be careful of German wines like Liebfraumilich, they often contain tiny amounts antifreeze to make them more palatable, and Germans don't mind if they have it in them.I would suggest replacing it with Bolla Soave, or Bolla Riesling from Italy. Salute tutti

Any big bottler puts antifreeze and other preservatives in their wine, otherwise it would go bad before you bought. Its also the reason wine gives you headaches. Pretty much only bottlers who ship under 1 million bottles avoid such preservatives and of course they charge you extra for that.

Actually its diethylene glycol, not ethylene glycol that is added to wine. EG is the sweetner in antifreeze. The only reported incident was some Austrian vinters getting caught in '85 adding EG instead of DEG to their white wines. But I will keep a closer look.
Any Strega drinkers in the house?  We finally picked up a bottle of that after a few years of thinking about it.  Don't know why I waited so long - it's the best stuff ever.

I'm a sucker for St. Germaine, a Sweet Manhattan, G&T and liked to make vintage cocktails as funds allow - currently playing with a bottle of Creme de Violette and hoping to get my hands on the real thing (Creme de Yvette) in the near future.
For mixed drink: cognac and coke

And in liquor my options are  hiskey, taquilla,and smurf .
Mac, about 20 years ago, Liebfraumilich was accused of using anti-freeze instead of the alcohol you said. Just to let you know, is all. It came down to Germans like the "sweetness" it gives the wine.
Whiskey Sour:

[Image: whiskey-sour.jpg]

and of course, straight Maker's Mark.

[Image: makers-mark.jpg]

Basically aything with bourbon.

This is my favorite beer too, seasonal summer beer, micro brewery here in GA. SweetWater Road Trip.

[Image: Sweetwater.jpg]
Now here's a thread I can really have some fun with...  First, though...

(01-03-2011, 09:02 PM)violet Wrote: I once had a shot called a fuzzy nipple.  I dont' know what it was but it was good.  Anyone know?

Sounds like a confusion of a "fuzzy navel" and a "slippery nipple."  (I feel so wrong even mentioning that drink in a Trad forum, but it's a legit recipe...)  I've never heard of a fuzzy nipple...  Though I looked for it and found the following... http://www.drinksmixer.com/drink3721.html  Not sure I can get past the name, though.  Sounds pretty manky.  :laughing: 

As for my favorites... Was never much of a wine person, and not too many mixed drinks, though I do like a good margarita or a Long Island iced tea.  And White Russians, but only at bowling alleys. 

Current favorite (which I've shared with my IRL brother Beatissima Mariae on a few occasions...) is Drambuie.  For the uninitiated, it's a lovely Scotch, brewed with herbs and honey.  Imagine Scotch with mead, with a gentle anise undertone.  Best neat, in a frozen lowball glass.  Add a nice cigar and it's heavenly. 

I do love my beer as well, and being in Texas, I am blessed with an abundance of Shiner beers, which is my general favorite, as brands go.  I do have a special love of a good hefeweizen, my favorite of which is Mothership Wit. 

One last thing that any beer lover OR ice cream lover must try...  A beer float.  Seriously.  Murphy's Stout (or any other suitable dark stout beer, though Guinness is a little bitter) and plain vanilla ice cream is best.  No, really.  Try it.  It's quite nice.
Mostly beer but also a lot of straight rum and whiskey for sipping and gulping.  Jack and Coke is pretty decent if you want a mixed drink for some reason.  On the rare occasion that I'm getting a mixed drink then 7&7 (rum and 7up/Sprite) is my drink of choice.  Vodka in juice is pretty decent.  Cider is good every once and awhile too. 

Then you can get creative with dessert drinks like brandy slush etc. 

But mostly just ale, whiskey, and rum.
Nothing like a good spirit to raise ... the spirits.

Not much of a beer drinker, but when I do partake of it, it's typically a Shiner beer from Shiner, Texas (the owner is Catholic and even gave some free cases to the Transalpine Redemptorists when they decided to visit the brewery on their trip to Texas!) I enjoy all manner of wines though I more partial to ports and less-dry dessert wines (usually red only). Spanish sherry or creamed sherry (Bristol Cream) is fantastic.  Cognacs and Brandys are always welcome with a nice cigar after a rich and hearty meal. Bailey's Irish Cream manages to find its way into the occasional morning coffee. 

I don't have too much experience with mixed drinks and cocktails but from the few that I have tried my favorites are the Disaronno sour (Disaronno w/lime), White Russians, Toasted Almond (1 Part Amaretto, 1 Part Kahlua, 1 Part Cream)

... and, of course, the classic and refreshing mint-julep:
[Image: 626-102_mint_julep_300.jpg]

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