favorite liquor? mixed drinks? wine?
(01-21-2011, 02:16 PM)Tulkas Wrote: Paloma, looking at your avatar, I think avoiding bottles and sticking with boxes is a good idea.

Indeed... They hurt less, don't cause lacerations, and are easier to clean out of carpets...

I love that avatar, BTW... ;D
I drink gin, neat. Infact, I'm drinking a glass of Beefeater right now. Past that I really only drink vodka or absinthe or rum.
(12-30-2010, 01:15 AM)Baskerville Wrote:  
(12-30-2010, 01:04 AM)dymphna17 Wrote:
(12-29-2010, 11:28 PM)Baskerville Wrote: I am a boring guy Jack and Coke or Crown Royal and Coke with the occasional Vodka and Cranberry juice.

I'm with you.  I'm trying find an interest in wines now.  Hubby bought me a bottle of MD 20/20 for Christmas.  Thankfully I had already bought a bottle of White Zinfendel.  :laughing:

Yeah when it comes to wine I am a cheap Arbor Mist kinda guy. Their Blackberry Merlot yum. :wine:

Agreed, Arbor Mist Blackberry is tasty!

Ste Michelle
Local Blackberry Wine
Homemade plumwine is good

Red Horse (Philippines)
Chimay (powerful and fun, but for God’s sake, don’t mix it up in the bottle.  That stuff is layered, and mixing it can get nasty.  And stay away from that nasty Chimay cheese!)

Mixed drinks:
Melon Ball Delux  (good for summertime, and delicious)
Peppermint Patty (Great for Christmas season, I use peppermint herbs from the garden for awesome garnish)
Banshee (tasty)

Liquor on its own:
Amaretto shots
Hot Damn (nice to have in your coat on snowy days)

For a tasty time, couple any of this with some good cherry tobacco in your pipe, or some sharp cheddar cheese (Washington State Cougar Gold, for best results www.wsu.edu/creamery)

(01-16-2011, 12:29 AM)Paloma Wrote:
(01-05-2011, 10:41 AM)nicollette Wrote: Any Strega drinkers in the house?  We finally picked up a bottle of that after a few years of thinking about it.  Don't know why I waited so long - it's the best stuff ever.

I'm a sucker for St. Germaine, a Sweet Manhattan, G&T and liked to make vintage cocktails as funds allow - currently playing with a bottle of Creme de Violette and hoping to get my hands on the real thing (Creme de Yvette) in the near future.

I do like Strega.  I try not to keep too much alcohol in the house though because we'll drink it. :P

Is creme de violette, violet flavored?  If so, I'm already in love. 

Yes, it's a violet liqueur. :)  Unfortunately I think it tastes a bit like grape cough syrup in too large of a quantity.  But I'm still holding out for the real thing - the Creme de Yvette, which should taste better..  :)  Blue Moon and Aviation cocktails here I come.  ;D

We just had a cold snap, which meant Chartreuse liqueur + Twining Earl Grey tea for me!

[Image: chartreuse.jpg]
[Image: earl-grey-tea.jpg]
My favorite wine is Villa Pozzi
...My favorite cocktail? Good question.  ??? I love a good chocolate espresso martini, margaritas...long islands...white russians...it's all good lol
[Image: pernodabs1.jpg]

Is what I'm drinking, cheers.
How is it that the Favorite Beer thread is alive and well, but this one's gone cold?  Definitely time for a thread resurrection...

So.  It took how many pages for somebody to mention scotch??  Here's the divine beverage I drank earlier this week that has forever ruined J&B for me - the Macallan 18:
[Image: grd785.jpg]
Tanqueray and tonic for me.  Nobody I know will drink it so if I bring it to a party it will not get touched. :)

[Image: Tanqueray-Flaske-Glass-250b.jpg]

(03-31-2011, 09:13 AM)Jævel Wrote: Tanqueray and tonic for me.  Nobody I know will drink it so if I bring it to a party it will not get touched. :)

Good thinking.

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