Prayer injuries
So when I started praying 15 decades of the Rosary back in late November, usually all at once, I knelt on the hard floor in my bedroom with only a thin carpet over it, and after a couple weeks I could feel the strain on my knees.  To give my knees a break I started praying the Rosary while sitting in bed, but I think damage has been done.

Today after Confession I had time enough to pray 10 decades before Mass, and still on the padded kneeler my knees got sore and for a while it felt that whenever I stood during Mass my legs might give out.  Fortunately I didn't, but even as I sit here to type this post my knees feel odd.

So what things can be done to mitigate the harmful effects of improper prayer form?  I prefer to pray on my knees above all else, but I don't want to go into my 30s as a cripple because I was obstinate about 15 decade Rosaries.
I usually pray the 15 decades all at once as you do. What I do is I either sit or lay on bed for the Joyful and Glorious mysteries and I kneel for the Sorrowful Mysteries. It doesn't matter how you say the Rosary as long as you say it.

When I pray the rosary I alternate kneeling and standing.  Pressure serves as a powerful analgesic, so you don't feel any damage being done when you're kneeling.  I only pray 5 decades at a time, and the first time I did it, on cushy carpet even, I had trouble walking for a day or so afterwards.  I couldn't get up very easily immediately afterwards either.  I'm pretty heavy though, so that might have something to do with it.  In order to avoid damaging my knees, I now kneel for a decade, then stand for a decade etc.  Maybe if I lose some weight I can kneel longer but for now this will have to do.
Well when I kneel and apply pressure to my left knee, I can feel something inside my leg shift uncomfortably.  When I was a lot heavier I used to run for exercise and weight loss, but gave it up when I suffered from knee swelling and attendant pain.

I will try sitting for the Joyful and Glorious mysteries and kneeling for the Sorrowful, but again my concern is preserving my physical health so that I can continue to kneel for prayers.
What if you lean on something while kneeling? You could then support yourself more evenly by putting some weight on your arms too.
I usually leaned forward against my bed or sat on my ankles for a significant period of the Rosary.  When I knelt upright, I would often shift from one knee to the other or keep one leg forward enough so that the knee didn't rest on the floor.
Knees are notoriously slow to heal.  I'd recommend upping your vitamin C intake, like alot, take 1000 to 3000 mg daily, preferably in liquid form like Emergen-C.  Vitamin C is essential for healing joints.  You should see results in about a week.
I've been eating a lot of oranges lately, I probably had a dozen this week.

I'm going to hold off on supplements until I see my physician, which will be when I get health insurance again.
Why would you have to hold off on vitamin C?  Doctors can't prescribe vitamin c anyways.  I mean, I don't care, do what you want, it's just strange to me that someone would want to consult a doctor before taking vitamin c.
I was under the impression that a physician should be consulted before taking any supplement regularly.

Still, my mom did start getting rashes once she took a supplement as directed by her physician; they went away when he took her off them...

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