Question about Pope and Condoms
A quick question about the Pope and condom use.

From all the dust-up caused by the Pope's comments in his new book "Light of the World" and the subsequent "clarifications" by both the Papal spokesman and the CDF, I am still confused.

Here are my questions  --- perhaps someone can help answer it clearly:

-Is condom use between homosexuals (neither of which are HIV positive) morally wrong or is it morally neutral?

-Is condom use between two homosexuals (one HIV positive and one not) morally acceptable or morally good?

From the ongoing public dialogue created due to the Pope's comments it seems to me that  theTraditional Catholic position has been painted as any use of condoms whatsoever, by anyone, is always wrong. But it seems to me that with homosexuals condom use is beside the point and at least morally neutral, and perhaps could be considered a good thing, (as the Pope seemed to indicate) when one is HIV positive and the other isn't, with due consideration that homosexual sex is always evil in itself.
Quote:-Is condom use between two homosexuals (one HIV positive and one not) morally acceptable or morally good?

How could it be morally acceptable since the act itself is a sin that cries out to heaven? And the act causes violence to the natural and moral order?

However, since you asked, and since you are honestly looking for an answer, please do not be offended by the sarcasm I am about to offer. The answer has already been given above. But, your sincere question here does beg the question of the wisdom behind the Supreme Pontiff talking in such ways using the personal "I" in a book with the title Pope Benedict XVI attached to it. As if he were speaking as the Magesterium. Until JPII, no pope ever used the word "I". Of course they had personal opinions, but always spoke in the "We".

You will notice that Joseph Ratzinger wrote the books on Jesus of Nazareth precisely to be a theologian offering personal learned opinion rather than dictating dogma. So why does he talk in the "I" when he puts out this book with the name Pope Benedict XVI as co-author?

Now for the sarcasm I have promised. If one were HIV positive it would be morally acceptable to not use a condom because homosexuals cannot give the gift of life, but they can give the gift of death through a virus called HIV. If HIV even exists. There is research, that is of course buried, that suggests that HIV is really something called GRIDS which is a type of poisoining that occurs from drug use and unnatural sex with multiple partners. Since homosexual lovers cannot offer life, they may as well offer death, and a condom would prevent this free offer of giving. That sarcasm is used only to point out the entire ridiculousness of our Pope even broaching the subject. 


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