Indonesia Fears an Increasing Number of Religious Conflicts in 2011

National Police Chief foresees is to take stringent measures and precautions.

Jakarta ( KAP) Indonesia's Police fear that the new year will bring an increase in religious tensions.  For that reason the handling of such conclicts will have the "highest priority", said the national Police Chief Timur Pradopo to the daily "Jakarta Post" (Thursday edition).  The General stressed that the police that the police will focus on prevention and proceed against crimes in connection with religious conflicts.  "The people must pray.  If there isn't a place where they can do that then the authorities should find them a place where they can conduct their services in peace," said Pradopo.

In Indonesia the number of attacks by radical Muslims against Christians as well as "heretics" belonging to the Islamic sect "Ahmadiyah" have increased.  The police coming under increasing criticism; they are thought to be inactive in so far as their sympathy for radical Muslims is concerned.

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