Desecrator on YouTube
Not sure how well-known this is.  If enough people mark it maybe it'll get removed.
I flagged all three videos, and left a comment on the subscription page.  I would kindly suggest that you remove the actual videos from your original post but leave the link to the user's page.  Just looking at the still images makes me sick to my stomach...

Thank you!  ;)
This is my first post.  I've actually been "lurking" on this forum since September.  I've been rather shy about posting because it seems that most of you are real, real educated and informed on the teaching of the catholic church and in particular most people here are extremely knowledgable about the traditional latin mass.  I've been attending the TLM exclusively since September and have to admit that until then (September) I was unaware that it was even availailble.  This is not what compelled me to post for the first time, however.  It is the video link attached to this original post that cause me great concern and sorrow.  I just cannot convey to anyone on this forum the exteme sorrow which I feel when I see the host treated in the manner shown in the video.  I just feel like crying unto heaven why do people feel they must treat the host in this manner.  It just doesn't make any sense.....
Why'd they nail Christ to the Cross even though they saw firsthand Him curing people and such?

Because they could.  Evil doesn't need a reason, it is just an inimical reaction to good.  If there were no good, evil would have nothing to do.  In fact it couldn't exist because evil can only destroy; only good can create.

Either God will have mercy on them and soften their hearts so they can repent in time, or He's going to beat their asses at judgment.  I don't pay attention to these fools, really, except maybe to pray for them that they straighten out before they have to face the magnitude of their actions.  Yeah, it ticks me off, but in reality the only people they are hurting are themselves, and they want the attention.

If I were there in person, I would stop it or die trying, of course, but I'm not going to give a video of their nonsense any attention, not even by reporting it.

If you want to do something, I suggest offering a Confession and Communion in reparation.  The best thing we can do to mitigate the disgrace done to Christ is offer Him back to the Father.
I offer Masses for these profaned Hosts and the desecrated body of Christ on a regular basis.
I flagged it. And as I replied to the video, this is a very tortured, damaged soul. I pray for this person and for the people who have hurt him.

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