El Quidea fake fake fake IMO
El Gafilta fish a ;)
Been three days already
time flies
Cut Vox some slack. I mean the CIA has already admitted to gassing people many years ago in the NYC subway system so what makes it so impossible to imagine the CIA hasn't created "Osama bin Laden" to kill thousands of Americans just to see how much of our civil liberties they can take away in the name of "safety and security" before the people push back?

Who says it's I possible? No one. Fact s the iSI had fsr more hands on thins to do with creating al qeada thenthe CIA.
Look it up
the CIA was involved in arming theb muj but nt not it's own it happened throgh the isi. When the CIA finally began arming certain muj factions on it's own the war was almost done and it wast factions bin laden was much connected with.
Look into the isi

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