24/7/365 Traditional Radio
If anyone would like a Traditional Radio Station to listen to online I have found WFTSradio.com

The station is associated with the SSPV in Round Top, New York and has a beautiful Holy Hour and Compline at night plus numerous sermons and speeches daily by different priests and also the Rosary and Mass. Fr. Jenkins is the principle of the school that I attended in Cincinnati and Fr. Greenwell is also from that same Parish. Hope you enjoy and check it out if you have any spare time.

I am not trying to promote SSPV, as I know some members take a sedevacantist position and we are not allowed to promote sede positions on this forum. I just thought it would be nice for those looking for a daily Traditional Mass and Holy Hour online who cannot make it to daily Mass physically.  :pray2:

Sorry if this is a re-post.  :-[

God Bless,

I listen to WFTS radio every night. They have great programming in my opinion.
I listen to the sermons on WFTS  by day and usually tune to traditionalcatholicradio  [http://dc.ferrelli.cc/TCR/TCR.php] at night for the Rosarium and Compline in Latin.
They had Mass tonight and I am tuning in tomorrow at 8:30 for Fr. Jenkins sermon on Fatima, should be interesting.
For those who can understand Spanish, there's the famous Radio Cristiandad.

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