Carmelite Fathers of Munster, IN
I am looking for comments on the Carmelite Fathers of Munster, IN.  I know that they say the TLM but how traditional in Theology are they?
Good question...when I was in town last month, I wanted to check out their regularly scheduled TLM over Christmas week (turned out the had a NO instead for that particular week). Not to derail, but does any one have comments of the TLM at the carmel in des plaines?
Laudetur Jesus Christus!!

My information is a bit dated, so please take it as such. I was a postulant with the Carmelites in Munster in the mid-90s. At that time they were NO, but, as the community are from the Polish Province, were much more "traditional NO" than most. The Polish No Masses were actually quite beautiful in some ways.

The TLM was instituted, if I am correct, at the request of the Bishop as a TLM site in response to Ecclasia Die. I say this just to illustrate that the TLM at the monastery was more in service to the local Church than a result of Traditionalist sentiments in the monastery. However, the Mass was always very reverent due  in large part to the head "alter boy" and the director of the schola who were both very good men. At that time the church proper was as NO as you could possibly get (I am not sure how it is today) so it seems, in hindsight, i somewhat incongruous that it be held there.

As for Des Plaines, I have not been there for the TLM for a good 12-13 years. I keep meaning to go back sometime soon, so I can report more at that time. The Mass was always very reverent with the nuns providing the chant in a beautiful manner. Their chapel is very Carmelite - spartan, but very prayerful in its simplicity. The statuary could have been better at that time- some being a little too abstract as I recall. Hopefully others can give a more up-to-date account of the Mass there now.

I hope this helps, but I apologize for the dated information. God bless.

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