Gun control: "Church" firmly, quietly opposes firearms for civilians
New law proposed that you won't be able to carry a gun within 1000 feet of any senior government person (they designate on that particular day.)

Gonna be a little tricky to enforce mind you.
(01-16-2011, 02:29 PM)jovan66102 Wrote:
(01-15-2011, 05:49 PM)Dust Wrote:
(01-15-2011, 05:02 PM)Gladium Wrote: Do national conferences of bishops have any special teaching authority greater than that which the bishops have individually? I do not think so because of the Winnipeg Statement affair.
I might suggest that they have less authority than a local bishop.  But they exercise this authority (or at least try to) over more souls.
You are absolutely correct. His Excellency the Bishop of Lincoln has made this point when refusing to obey the 'directives' of the USCCB.
My parish priest (diocesan TLM) today talked in his homily about the failings of the individual bishops, especially in the US, versus the unwavering teachings of the Holy See to make the point of the fallibility of bishops.  After Mass I inquired about the USCCB and got an answer reinforcing the notion that they have no real teaching authority other than that used by the individual bishops.  He said basically the only way the conference has any authority over the entire country is if something is unanimous among all the bishops, i.e. they all agree to using their own teaching authority in their own particular diocese.  Of course, the pope could always say "Yeah, what they said!" 

The media loves to report on them because if a local bishop says something, it is generally a local news story, but if the USCCB says it it can more easily become a national news story.  Plus, the media knows very little about how the Church actually works, and doesn't seem to care either.

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