Anyone know about this order
(01-15-2011, 06:54 PM)The_Harlequin_King Wrote:
(01-15-2011, 06:17 PM)MaterLaeta Wrote: I have never heard the Mass called this in traditional circles.  Sounds like a NO term, with the emphasis on the Eucharist.  A trad would refer to it as the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass or in similar terms.

Good observation. That being said, the Eucharist is a legitimate term for the Mass. It conveniently applies to all forms of the sacrament, but the word "Mass" can only describe the Eucharist celebrated in Western rites. In Eastern rites, it doesn't work because there's no tradition of 'ite, missa est' (where the word "Mass" is derived). So there's no such thing as "the Byzantine Mass", for example.

I think that the term "Mass" can be correctly used to refer to the celebration of the Eucharistic sacrifice in the Eastern rites, since the ecumenical Council of Trent used the term "Mass" to refer to the unbloody renewal of Christ's sacrifice at Calvary, regardless of what liturgical rite is being used. 

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