I haven't been doing nearly enough. I'd like to get into sidewalk counseling, but I know there are challenges involved for men, primarily that pregnant teens are less inclined to listen to men. However, they often bring their boyfriends that might listen. I should get off my butt and just take a sidewalk counseling course. Just do it. If I were to help one couple's decision to walk away from the clinic, I think I would die of joy. Sidewalk counselors save lives everyday. God Bless those heros.

That is an interesting to thought...if one becomes a sidewalk counselor, and prayerfully do the work, you will inevitably save lives. Think about that for a second.

Oh it takes guts though. Easy to talk about it, but when you there on the sidewalk and that couple is walking towards the clinic doors...I think I'd just freeze up. Oh you Saints and Angels, please give us all strength. Amen.

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