Ok, am nearly finished with the book at this point, posting about it while taking a short break before finishing it.

This book is not quite what I expected. I was somewhat expecting a very detailed and sober expose of Planned Parenthood abortion procedures and modus operandi, and there is definitely much of this in the book. I did not expect to be able to share so much INTENSE joy and elation  with her during her conversion to Life, a testament to her openness and honesty, not to mention it's just all very well written. I was reading this morning in Discount Tire waiting room when I started upon one of many joyful and emotional parts (also also some hilarious moments) and yikes, I started to heave and choke up a little, like guys do when watching a sad movie at a theater. Of course fairly crowded in the waiting room. SOMETHING IN MY EYE IS ALL. NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG!  ;D

But anyways, gong to finish now. Cannot recommend this book enough.


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