Catholicism in England - What a joke!
Protestantism has triumphed.

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GAWED I love girls with British accents. She's an airhead hot accent though. All I can say that is relevent to the topic is as long as the Pope plays figurehead these opinions of "its okay to be Catholic and in favor of abortion and gay marriage.
Rather sad. I do think we should avoid using insults. Let's not call her an airhead; is it really her fault that she was so poorly catechized and not taught how to make a proper argument? I blame the elder Catholics who taught her for FAILING HER.

How strong is the SSPX in England?
(01-17-2011, 09:06 PM)WhollyRoaminCatholic Wrote: How strong is the SSPX in England?

It's reasonable.

They have 26 mass centres all across the UK.
I don't think you can blame catechesis here.  Anyone serious about their faith would realise that murder (sorry, 'abortion' to use the politically correct and less emotive term) and sodomy (sorry, 'same-sex partnership', whatever that actually means) go against everything.  I wouldn't profess to be an art critic unless I knew the first thing about art.  I wouldn't profess to be a nuclear physicist unless I understood the subject matter.  The list goes on.  She isn't a Catholic, that's for sure - whatever she may think.  Of course, that's the whole idea of selecting her for the broadcast isn't it?  The BBC in this country is notoriously anti-Catholic and they for sure would not want to broadcast the thoughts of anyone with anything vaguely intelligent to say about the faith.  Let's all pray for her; she needs it.
Maybe in a Room of 100 "Catholics" in the UK it is hard to find one that actually knows their faith.

Of the Novus Ordinarians I know, most could not tell you more than seven of the Ten Commandments.

And what of the "priest" in the interview.  Did the BBC have to look hard to find him?
wow. It makes one want to weep.
They weren't catechized at all, not even a little bit, and yet they were picked to meet Pope Benedict.  :-[

The priest has absolutely no excuse for not knowing what a good Catholic is; I would imagine he's a horrible confessor.

Surely this isn't the "best" Britain has to offer, is it?  ???

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