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Is the SSPX being muzzled? (
The question was asked to Bishop Fellay during the conference he gave on the afternoon of Sunday, January 9, in Paris: “Is the Society of St. Pius X obliged to remain discreet because of the theological discussions going on?”

The Treasure of the Church must once again belong to everyone!" (
A commentary on Bishop Fellay s Paris Conference by Italian journalist, Francesco Colafemmina  1-14-2011

Official Approval for a Marian Apparition... a first for the United States! (
In October 1859, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared on three occasions to Sister Adele Brise...  12-28-2010  NEW! Pastor's Corner commentary on this important American issue  1-14-2010 (

Daily Quotes from Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre: enjoy each day a new quote from Archbishop Lefebvre. His Excellency speaks about the Church, Tradition, the priesthood, the Crisis and more! Here is the quote for January 18:

    It is therefore a question of applying the criteria of Tradition to the various documents of the Council to know what is to be kept, what is to be clarified and what is to be rejected. (Principles and Directives, 1977)  (


From last week, but still pertinent...

Bishop Fellay's first comments on Assisi III (
Extracted from a sermon given in Paris on January 9: "In theory they know, in theory they believe. But in reality, do they believe? Do they really believe that Our Lord is God? Do they really believe that peace among men, among nations, is in His hand? Do they really believe in all the immediate, direct consequences of His divinity?..."  1-10-2011

On the announcement of Assisi III (
Archbishop Lefebvre comments about Assisi I...
VIDEO: Bishop Fellay explains why ecumenism is wrong; includes links to additional texts.

Archconfraternity of St. Stephen (
A Guild for Altar Servers  1-11-2011

SSPX priests visits Pygmie king! (
Just in time for Epiphany (the Three Magi who recognized Christ), a word from the interior of Gabon, Africa where 2 SSPX priests were welcomed by a Catholic Pygmy chief!  1-7-2010
Evangelising pygmies, is most excellent! Bringing them the True Faith!

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