Diocese of Regensburg Wins Libel Case against the 'Spiegel'
The Spiegel may from now on may no longer maintain or awaken the impression that the Diocese of Regensburg desired to conceal cases of abuse and to criminally intend to make monetary payments.

Regensburg (kath.net) The Diocese of Regensburg has one a case against the news magazine "Spiegel".  According to the Bishop.  In the main the conflict concerned whether a damage claim could be considered hush money.  The Spiegel may no longer maintain this or give the impression that the Diocese of Regensburg  has concealed cases of abuse and did this with the criminal intent to make payments.  This decision came from the Federal Court of Hamburg on Friday.

Diocesan spokesman Clemens Neck said in an statement:  'The legal case was necessary because in all of Germany this was being described as concealing abuse.  For this reason authors are reproved as an example in the case of the Diocese of Regensburg and the article by Spiegel as well as other publications.  All documents -- like the writings of parents and their attorneys -- prove however unmistakeably that in no moment was any attempt made to effect anyone's silence.  This legal battle concerned the question if the Spiegel may have published an untruth.  It doesn't have this privilege. And it is good that this is so."

Very interesting rulings coming out of Germany right now with regard to libel and the sex abuse scandal.  New York Times, which is very closely aligned to Spiegel in terms of ideology ought to take note and so should American Bishops who should be more eager about confronting these kinds of things.

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