"God of the gaps"
(02-03-2011, 09:51 AM)someguy Wrote: what do you guys think about richard dawkins argument of theists using God to fill in the gaps in stages of creation, for example, the reason why there was a big bang was God or the reason why the universe moves is because of God and no other reason and he calls this argument pathetic
Dawkins misunderstands the traditional proofs for the existence of God entirely. What he is addressing is the watch maker argument, which is not Thomistic, and not even the best argument for the existence of God. The best arguments, are philosophical, and based on efficient causality. They address the necessity of First Cause, which is the cause of all existing things at this very moment. This has nothing to do with the "gaps" but concerns the nature of causality and the law of sufficient reason. Another argument that he misunderstands is Aquinas' fourth way. He thinks that this is the design argument, which it most certainly is not. In the fourth way, Thomas is arguing that because all things are directed towards some end, the must be one who directs them to this end. It would still work even if the only thing that existed in the universe was one neutron with a proton continually circumnavigating the nuetron. The end of the the proton would be to circumnavigate the neutron, and this would require an intelligent being to put a telos, or end in the actions of the proton. This is called final causality, and Dawkins doesn't even know what final causality is.

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