15 decades of the Rosary daily: week 13
(02-04-2011, 05:12 PM)dark lancer Wrote: Today is the last day of the thirteenth consecutive week of me praying fifteen decades of the Rosary daily.  By the time I started praying fifteen decades a day, I had already been praying five decades a day consecutively for two years before, and so it wasn't difficult for me to advance to fifteen decades a day.  I don't always pray the fifteen decades together; sometimes I split the Rosary into three parts and pray them when I have 15-20 minutes to do so, and a few times I'd pray five decades separately and later the other two decades.  I usually pray it alone in my room, but I have prayed parts of it parked in my car while waiting for class or in the college library, or when out on a day trip when not driving.

I don't pray the Rosary for the specific intention of myself, instead every day I have one intention for the entire fifteen decades.  Despite this, I do recognize some significant benefits of having made this increase and attribute them to the Rosary.  Since I started fourteen weeks ago tomorrow, I've gone to Confession several times and come to find myself being unafraid of it; I've been having an easier time of overcoming some of the sins I had been struggling with (though I am by no means sinless; I plan on going to Confession again tomorrow); and my faith has increased.

I'm not writing this post to brag about how much I pray or what I've gained from it, instead to promote the Rosary to others.  I really encourage praying the Rosary if you don't already, increasing how much of it you pray if you can, and continuing to pray it if you feel like you're currently having difficulty with it.  Do what you can.

Tremendous! Very inspiring. Keep it up!

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