400 Irish priests claim new Mass translation is ‘elitist and sexist’
(02-10-2011, 09:34 AM)Bakuryokuso Wrote:
(02-09-2011, 11:16 PM)Mithrandylan Wrote: And further, if a woman is offended by the mass- <i>offended by the mass</i>- she needs to question why she is going to mass.  "offended" by the mass?

Are we talking about catholics here?  I'm so angry right now so I'm stopping.

Catholics in name only. Probably folks who don't even attend mass regularly.

"On the basis of annual head-counts in the Churches of the Archdiocese, it would appear that on any normal Sunday about 20% of the Catholic population of the Archdiocese of Dublin is present at Mass. That is significantly lower than in any other diocese in Ireland. In more than one parish the Sunday practice rate is about 3%... The liturgy is not a performance but an action in which God’s people actively participate." -- From the Feb. 5, 2011 homily of Msgr. Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin, at the 2011 Spring Seminar of the Dublin Diocesan Liturgical Resource Centre


Oh, without question that is the case, before even reading the link you provided.  Just pisses me off, thats all. 
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