Twin Cities area priest called 'evil' by man who committed suicide

Editor: Fr. Baer was always a company man, even when the company was poor or less than savory. A seminarian known to the editor once had a spate of enthusiasm and foolishly decided to show the seminary rector, Father Baer, a draft he'd made for something he was excited about.  So Father Baer published the seminarian's building plan for a new seminary on a communal bulletin and attached a note which said, "someone has too much time on their hands".  Whatever you think of someone's ideas, you don't ridicule them in a public forum, especially when they were given in confidence. It's behavior reminiscent of those insecure clerics who have too much authority on their hands. Perhaps Fr. Baer is one of those guys...  But yes, Fr. Baer was always a company man, hailed by some as an improvement.  We were always skeptical of him; a bit too soft.  In any event, St. Paul Seminary is still ordaining males with deep seated homosexual inclinations.  That's really what the problem is here. Fr. Baer is another legacy of the Old Liberal administration of Archbishop Flynn and the ballyhooed Irish Episcopacy which has been the bane of American Catholicism for a century and a half.
The very literal "fruits" of Vatican II.
(02-11-2011, 02:33 AM)Unum Sint Wrote: The very literal "fruits" of Vatican II.

Yes, imagine, you're a seminarian who thinks he's talking to someone who's a friend, but he's really not a friend, in fact, he doesn't like you or your aspirations one bit and has a vested interested in making sure you don't get to ordination.

Seminary is a minefield.  Recently talked to a couple of guys a while back, they swore up and down there were no heterdox professors there; boy, not that it was any of my business, but things are still pretty bad there.  They still read Karl Rahner, still have dissidents teaching the guys.

They need to do a wholesale cleaning there, and it can probably only happen if the laity gets so fed up that they actually demand it in lieu of funding...

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