Gnostic Twaddle: "Full Communion" and Other Cosmic Connections (The Remnant)
Catholics have to drop the nonsense of "full communion" and "partial communion" from their vocabulary. I never use the words, and no Catholic should ever again use the term "full communion".

These terms have no basis in the history, tradition, or theology of the Church. You are either Catholic or not Catholic. Inside the Church or outside the Church. Schismatic or not schismatic. There is no partial anything. You are either pregnant or not pregnant No such thing as being partially pregnant.

The terms "full communion" and "partial communion" originated from the theology of the heretic Karl Rahner. Karl Rahner invented these terms and theology. He had the greateast influence on the Vatican II periti and Council fathers. He was one of the fathers of Vatican II. The Modernists took over the Church and they have used Rahner theology and vocabulary and everything they write. Rahner's "communion" has even made its way into Holy See documents for years now since the Vatican is full of Modernists who write and ghost write everything.

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