Pro-Choice Priest Sues Lifesite for Libel
#24 is reporting (in French, so I won't bother linking to it) that Abbe Gravel also named Campagne Quebec-Vie in the suit. Its president, Georges Buscemi is taken aback because they'd published an interview between him and Gravel in their Christmas 2010 newsletter and nothing seemed amiss. Buscemi is hoping they'll be able to settle out of court.

Trad connexion: Buscemi is a member of the Facebook group for the diocesan TLM I attend (although he's not a member of the parish). He actually met his wife during prayer vigils in front of abortion clinics.

I don't understand why Abbe Gravel is even allowed to be doing this. Can priests initiate lawsuits? Seems to go against the entire concept of the priesthood, especially when it's Catholic groups doing a whack of good. He should re-read 1 Corinthians about not bringing co-religionists to court.

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