Philadelphia cardinal orders investigation of 37 priests.
I feel like hurling:
Quote:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (CNN) - The Catholic Church in Philadelphia will investigate as many as 37 priests identified in a grand jury report as remaining in "active ministry with credible allegations of child sexual abuse," Cardinal Justin Rigali, archbishop of Philadelphia, said Wednesday.

"Sexual abuse of children is a crime. It is always wrong and gravely evil," Rigali said in a news release. "The grand jury report makes clear that for as much as the archdiocese has done to address child sexual abuse, there is still much to do."

He also announced that three priests were placed on administrative leave pending a review.
Cardinal Bevilacqua was both a Canon Lawyer and a Civil Lawyer with a Master's in Political Science.  Yet, amazingly, it was  an "aid" that did all of the dirty work.  It's my personal opinion that someone is falling on the sword to protect someone else. 

Philadelphia's Cardinals all have a veneer of "conservatiism" but they ultimately prove to be nothing but political hacks.  They give lip service to pro-life and against gay marriage but judging by their actions, they don't give a whit about the actual Catholic faith. 
Given a recent experience of mine in this Archdiocese I personally had and witnessed, this is far from surprising.  To consider it 'liturgical abuse' is far, far too light a description.  I'm reluctant to get into details because it involves rather high-placed citizens and Priests of a certain 'conservative' order, but let's just say there lacks sensus Catholicus.


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