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Just got this update; the interview of Bishop Fellay looks like it will be pretty interesting. Some interesting chapel news too.

February 16, 2011

What’s new on the site:


54 Answers from Bishop Fellay
A significant interview given by Bishop Fellay to the USA District wherein he comments on the main questions concerning the Church and SSPX. No issue has been skipped and we thank His Excellency for giving his time to answer our 54 questions.

We will be offering this comprehensive interview over a 2-day period divided into these parts: 1: Doctrinal discussions | 2: Motu proprio effects | 3: Assisi III | 4: Beatification of John Paul II? | 5: SSPX | 6: SSPX in USA and conclusion 2-16-2011


Chant Conference in Minnesota (http://sspx.org/chapel_news/st_cloud_mn_...5-2011.htm)
On Saturday, February 5th, 3 conferences on Gregorian chant were given to almost 20 men at St. Cloud, Minnesota.... Includes audio/text samples and links to CDs and books  2-15-2011

Guadalupe & Christmas-Epiphany Festivities at Queen of Angels Church (http://sspx.org/chapel_news/dickinson_tx...5_2011.htm)
A photo collage from some recent events at Queen of Angels Church in Dickinson (Houston-Galveston), TX... 2-15-2011

Pastor's Corner: “1,000 soldiers fall to the left, 10,000 to the right” (http://sspx.org/pastors_corner/pastors_c...y_2011.htm)
"...it is quite understandable, if tragic, that there be division from among the ranks of those who “uphold the traditions of their forefathers..." 2-11-2011


From last update, but still pertinent...

Updated 2011 Ignatian Retreat Schedule (http://sspx.org/retreats.htm)
"...Pious retreats of this kind ... compel the mind of a man to examine more diligently and intently into all the things that he has thought, or said, or done..." 2-9-2011

The Assisi meeting, seen from Mecca (http://www.dici.org/en/news/the-assisi-m...rom-mecca/)
"Why is it impossible to plan an Assisi-style interreligious meeting in Mecca?" A short expose that points out the obvious: ecumenism is a one-way street [DICI] 2-9-2011

2011 Confirmations Schedule for USA District (http://sspx.org/district_news/2011_confi...hedule.htm)
An updated schedule for the coming months 2-9-2011

APPEAL for Chartres Youth Pilgrimage to France (http://sspx.org/pilgrimages.html#donate_youth)
(June 3-14, 2011)
"Dear Benefactors, The first annual SSPX youth pilgrimage to Chartres is approaching and the deadlines for its payments are coming even more quickly. Please help us make this trip possible for our youth by sending in your donations..." click to read more
read the new pilgrimage poster and brochure

Catholic Family News interview with Fr. Arnaud Rostand on Doctrinal
Discussions between Rome & SSPX
"The SSPX wants to expose the discrepancy of Vatican II, reaffirm the Traditional teaching of the Church, document everything we state, and respond to the objections. We want to “be a witness to the Faith”. The Society does not want, however, to discuss for the sake of discussing... [CATHOLIC FAMILY NEWS] 2-4-2011

An extract from Bishop Fellay’s 2002 Press Release on Assisi II (http://sspx.org/news/assisi_iii/extract_...isi_ii.htm)
It has been stated that to avoid any syncretism, those attending will not be praying “together”, but that each religion will pray in separate rooms in the Franciscan convent at Assisi... 2-4-2011  articles on Assisi III

Pastor's Corner: The US Episcopal Conference (http://sspx.org/pastors_corner/pastors_c...y_2011.htm)
Some time ago, Bishop Robert Vasa of Baker, OR, gave a stirring and frank talk about the role and limitations of the USCCB...  2-4-2011

SSPX Candlemas Ceremonies (http://sspx.org/district_news/february_2...monies.htm)
February 2: SSPX Seminary Ceremonies
Conferring of tonsure, habit-taking and ordinations to minor Holy Orders at Winona, MN...  2-3-2011

February 2011 District Superior's Letter to Friends and Benefactors (http://sspx.org/District_Superiors_Ltrs/...ds_ltr.htm)
Some insightful points on the education of children from the early years of the age of reason 2-3-2011

I am dying to read the 54 answers from Bishop Fellay.
(02-17-2011, 04:54 PM)TradCathYouth Wrote: I am dying to read the 54 answers from Bishop Fellay.

Yeah, that should be interesting.
Make sure to give us a link when the SSPX posts the Bp. Fellay interview on their website. :)
Ditto.  I'm excited for it.
It's up:

OK, Half is up.  Apparently parts 4-6 will be up tomorrow.

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