There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(02-18-2011, 11:27 AM)Melkite Wrote: If there can be no such thing as a homosexual Christian, then there can be no such thing as an adultering Christian, a lying Christian, a stealing Christian, a lusting Christian, a gossiping Christian, a disobedient Christian, a sleeping in on Sunday and missing the first five minutes of mass Christian, etc., etc., etc.  You've effectively defined it is impossible for ANYONE to truly be a Christian.  Congratulations on condemning yourself to hell by your own act of false piety!

No need to overreact, dear friend.  I believe I provided ample proof texts from the New Testament to demonstrate that one cannot "be" a homosexual and a Christian.  Its one or the other.  If you do not know how thoroughly the heirarchy has been infiltrated by homosexuals whom St. Paul teaches have been "given over" by God to a "depraved mind," then you are simply either grossly uninformed or in abject denial of the crisis.  Until we take a stand on the Word of God and the Tradition of the Church and push back against this demonically inspired infection, Modernism will continue to ravage what is left of the visible structures of the Roman Catholic Church.   Anywhere you find toleration of this abominable sin you will find the entire Modernist agenda which is destroying the Church from within.

"The Congregation for Education issued a decision a few years ago to the effect that homosexual candidates cannot become priests because their sexual orientation estranges them from the proper sense of paternity, from the intrinsic nature of priestly being. The selection of candidates to the priesthood must therefore be very careful.
The greatest attention is needed here in order to prevent the intrusion of this kind of ambiguity and to head off a situation where the celibacy of priests would practically end up being identified with the tendency to homosexuality."
  Pope Benedict XVI, Light of the World page 152

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