There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(02-18-2011, 11:01 PM)Catholic Johnny Wrote: You are confusing the distinction between the acts of sin and self-identifying with the sin.  If I was an adulterer, but have been washed by Christ's priestly action, I do not self-identify as an adulterer anymore.  I may still suffer severe temptations, but as St. James teaches, I am to overcome those through faith and not attribute the sinful desires to God.   Why then does someone who has been given the grace of conversion by the Holy Spirit still self-identify as a homosexual?  St. Paul teaches, "such WERE some of you." You cannot be self-identified with a sin any longer.  The only purpose for such a self-identification would be to justify the presence of homosexual priests in the Church.  If I am washed, sanctified and justified as 1 Cor. 6:9-11 teaches, why then do I self identify with my sin?

You're making a presumption that isn't in fact.  Your presumption is that being a homosexual - i.e., attracted to people of the same sex is a sin.  That is the only way you can conclude that identifying one's self as a homosexual is identifying with sin.  It is not.  Nor is identifying one's self as a heterosexual identifying with righteousness.

Quote:A former homosexual must self-identify as a heterosexual and renounce his former conduct and identity as a homosexual.  There is no third category of personhood: "male and female He created them."  The reality is that homosexuals are the ones resisting the Summorum Pontificum because they know that the Novus Ordo is their vehicle to keep the Modernist destruction of Sacred Tradition steaming along.  Show me a "gay" priest who is for Tradition (in theology as well as liturgy).

If a person who experiences same-sex attraction and no opposite sex attraction identifies themselves as a heterosexual they would be a liar, and they would also be denying what would be an occasion of sin to them.  Both of which are spiritually dangerous.

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