There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(02-20-2011, 04:14 PM)Melkite Wrote: Ok, so having all those nice things, as long as you're not putting them above God, and you're not doing or having them as an escape from one's cross or to avoid dealing with tribulation, isn't what is being condemned there by effeminacy?  Good to know :)

No, but some of those nice things might be condemned as being against the virtue of temperance.


Temperance it is which restrains the undue impulse of concupiscence for sensible pleasure, while fortitude causes man to be brave when he would otherwise shrink, contrary to reason, from dangers or difficulties. Temperance, then, to consider it more particularly, is that moral virtue which moderates in accordance with reason the desires and pleasures of the sensuous appetite attendant on those acts by which human nature is preserved in the individual or propagated in the species. The subordinate species of temperance are:

abstinence, which disposes to moderation in the use of food;

sobriety, which inclines to moderation in the use of spirituous liquors;

chastity, which regulates the appetite in regard to sexual pleasures; to chastity may be reduced modesty, which is concerned with acts subordinate to the act of reproduction.

The virtues annexed to temperance are:

continence, which according to the Scholastics, restrains the will from consenting to violent movements or concupiscence;

humility, which restrains inordinate desires of one's own excellence;

meekness, which checks inordinate movements of anger;

modesty or decorum, which consists in duly ordering the external movements of anger; to the direction of reason.

To this virtue may be reduced to what Aristotle designated as eutrapelia, or good cheer, which disposes to moderation in sports, games, and jests, in accordance with the dictates of reason, taking into consideration the circumstance of person, season, and place.

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