There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
Very interesting thread.
Quis and Johnny.
Ive been tracking both sides and I have questions for both to keep this going (of course you dont have to answer)
I tend to side with Johnny so far even though it is hard because I am biased in Quis' favor as a general rule.

Quis: Do you think people are born with homosexual tendency's?
And do you have a personal bias you wish to reveal  that might make it hard for you to concede certain points? (ie / a friend , acquaintance or family member who self Identifys as a homosexual)

Johnny: Do you still stand by the statement that a homosexual cant be a christian, or do you wish to make the Statement more precise?( such as homosexual-ITY and Christian-ITY cannot be practiced at the same time)
And do you reject the teaching that a person is a priest forever once anointed as such by proper authority.

And can a wicked priest confect the sacraments within his authority as priest.?

And do you have any personal bias against homosexual priests, or homosexuals?


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