There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(02-20-2011, 05:36 PM)voxpopulisuxx Wrote: Very interesting thread.
Quis and Johnny.
Ive been tracking both sides and I have questions for both to keep this going (of course you dont have to answer)
I tend to side with Johnny so far even though it is hard because I am biased in Quis' favor as a general rule.

Johnny: Do you still stand by the statement that a homosexual cant be a christian, or do you wish to make the Statement more precise?( such as homosexual-ITY and Christian-ITY cannot be practiced at the same time)
And do you reject the teaching that a person is a priest forever once anointed as such by proper authority.

And can a wicked priest confect the sacraments within his authority as priest.?

And do you have any personal bias against homosexual priests, or homosexuals?

1.  Yes, and let me explain.  My thesis is intentionally provocative, mainly because Catholics have uncritically swallowed a decidedly Modernist convention on this issue.  A crude syllogism:
a.  A homosexual, that is, one who self-identifies as a same-sex oriented person, is 'deeply disordered' in his affective life.
b.  The New Testament (NT) clearly teaches that homosexuals cannot inherit the kingdom of God.
c.  The New Birth in Christ infuses the soul with grace and makes us new creatures.
d.  Christians are called to conversion (Eph.4:21-24 and see my above reply to Quis).
e.  God commands all men everywhere to repent (Acts 17:30).  Homosexuals must repent.  If this is not possible, God is cruel.
f.   Repentance = renunciation of sin and the mortification of the sinful nature.  It also includes putting on the new man renewed by grace in Christ.
g. Choosing to self-identify as a homosexual person is a capitulation to deep-seated concupiscience and a denial of the properties inherent in the new birth.
h. Denial of the properties of the new birth is a resistance of grace.
i.  The individual person may not be culpable for this as it flows from unsound doctrine.

2. In my judgment it is uncharitable to consign such a person to permanent status as a homosexual person.  It deprives them of the hope of full conversion and complete renewal of the mind.  It denies the possibility of a complete healing of nature.  It also creates a category of personage unknown in the Catholic Church until the 1980s.  This artificial creation of homosexual personhood (and the notion that he may be chaste but still homosexual) has been ruthlessly exploited by Modernists for two generations. 

No discussion of this complex topic should ignore or minimalize St. Paul's teaching in Romans 1 about intellectual depravity.  The homosexual mind is ravaged by an abuse of conscience, nature and sins against reason.  The renewal of the mind in men (and women) whom have fallen prey to this diabolical condition is a very, very difficult process requiring intense discipleship, education, spiritual formation, mortification, and encouragement.  It is selling out to sin to admit that because it is difficult it is therefore impossible.  "There is a kind that goeth not out but by prayer and fasting." (Mt. 17:20)

3.  I am not convinced that ordaining someone to the Priesthood who is not even a Christian is a valid ordination.  That is ludicrous prima facie.

4.  Sacraments operate ex opere operata - by virtue of the operation - and as such are not dependent on the worthiness of the celebrant.  However, the sin of scandal can destroy faith in Christ's work in and through the sacramental economy, and this is a very grave evil.

5.  I have a personal bias against Satan and his apostles, the Modernists.  Recall that Pope St. Pius X, the only Pope canonized in the last 500 years called Modernism "the synthesis of all heresies" that "annhilates all religion." (Pascendi Dominici Gregis)  We cannot take this lightly if we are to be alert and sober Soldiers for Christ in these wicked times.  I cannot think of a more effective way to destroy the Roman Catholic Church than to corrupt its holy priesthood by the infiltration of reprobate men who are not even converted.

Shalom in Christ,

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