There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(02-21-2011, 02:21 AM)Catholic Johnny Wrote: This may be helpful for this discussion:

Whether he who raises the unworthy to [Holy] Orders commits a sin?

On the contrary, It is worse to raise the wicked to the sacred ministry, than not to correct those who are raised already. But Heli sinned mortally by not correcting his sons for their wickedness; wherefore "he fell backwards . . . and died" (1 Kings 4:18). Therefore he who promotes the unworthy does not escape sin.

Further, spiritual things must be set before temporal things in the Church. Now a man would commit a mortal sin were he knowingly to endanger the temporalities of the Church. [i]Much more
therefore is it a mortal sin to endanger spiritual things. But whoever promotes the unworthy endangers spiritual things, since according to Gregory (Hom. xii in Evang.) "if a man's life is contemptible, his preaching is liable to be despised"; and for the same reason all the spiritual things that he dispenses. Therefore he who promotes the unworthy sins mortally.

I answer that, Our Lord describes the faithful servant whom He has set "over His household to give them their measure of wheat." Hence he is guilty of unfaithfulness who gives any man Divine things above his measure: and whoso promotes the unworthy does this. Wherefore he commits a mortal crime, as being unfaithful to his sovereign Lord, especially since this is detrimental to the Church and to the Divine honor which is promoted by good ministers. For a man would be unfaithful to his earthly lord were he to place unworthy subjects in his offices[/i].

St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, QQ 36.4 (emphasis mine)

Sure, it helps me.  It clearly implies that the unworthy can be raised to Holy Orders only that the person who does so sins.

If you feel like reading on, St. Thomas also states in Q.35 A.1 that Holy Orders confers Sanctifying Grace.  So now you have the additional problem that if someone is baptized yet a "homosexual person" as well as receiving Holy Orders he receives the Sanctifying Grace necessary to receive the Sacrament.

Kind of puts a spanner in the works for you, eh?


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