There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
Csth Johnny.
Yes you did reply in #61 sorry about that.
I concur with most everything your positing. (Shalome notwithstanding )
Two things you have been accused of holding a Donatist position would you care to respond (if i mispelled remember im on my phone)
Also are you asserting that a man who has a disordered sexual identity has a defect of matter or intent or both so as to make the operation of the sacrament of holy orders impeded or null?
Also I think a definition of terms would be helpfull. Ie
Like you I reject the notion in toto that human beings are born with disordered or unnatural sexual appitites, beyond normal original concupiscence. Hence i only define as a sodomite one who is actively engaged in the activity. I actually reject the term homosexual outright as a misnomer since sexuality like marriage is an activity that can only be engaged in by a man and a woman.
Quis wisely however tries to limit the use of sodomite as possibly hurtfull to those who struggle with this depravity. And I respect his wishes, his forum, his nickel.  His rules.
That being said since this is an intelligent disspassionate debate For my purposes I will use the term HS to denote the sin we are discussing. So, concuring with you I think, HS is a viscious sin not a type of person. Therefore if one repents of HS one is no longer estimable as HS.

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