There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
Quis, what words are used for effemenati and molles in the Greek text?  Does the word translated effeminate have the same connotations in Greek, that it is someone who is soft and enjoys pleasure over pain?

Ok, so as someone who fits this category, here's what's offensive and what's not: faggot - no brainer here, obviously unacceptable
Sodomite - not as offensive as faggot, due to its archaity (or whatever the noun form of archaic is), but still comes across as pejorative.
Homosexual - not offensive, but theologically feels a little weird since it refers more to actions than feelings
Same-sex attracted - a little awkward but ok as far as not being derogatory

Probably the best term to use is homosexual, since even though the understanding is wrong, technically, when the word is used, what is commonly understood is a person who is attracted to the sam sex, not only people who have sex with the same sex.

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