There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(02-21-2011, 06:39 AM)Catholic Johnny Wrote:
Quote:Sure, it helps me.  It clearly implies that the unworthy can be raised to Holy Orders only that the person who does so sins.
Sins mortally, and not alone. 

On the contrary, Dionysius says (Ep. ad Demophil.): "It seems presumptuous for such a man, one to wit who is not enlightened, to lay hands on priestly things; he is not afraid nor ashamed, all unworthy that he is to take part in Divine things, with the thought that God does not see what he sees in himself; he thinks, by false pretense, to cheat Him Whom he falsely calls his Father; he dares to utter in the person of Christ, words polluted by his infamy, I will not call them prayers, over the Divine symbols." Therefore a priest is a blasphemer and a cheat if he exercises his order unworthily, and thus he sins mortally: and in like manner any other person in orders.

My fault.  I used an unclear modifier in "only".  I meant it as "excepting" rather than "solely".  No argument here.

Quote:I'm glad you mentioned that.  35.3 in Summa says

[i]"The character of orders presupposes the baptismal character as already on the soul.  It is the character impressed by baptism that renders a person capable of receiving the other sacraments." 

Holy Orders cannot confer sanctifying grace on one who is not living in accordance with their baptismal dignity (i.e., persistance in mortal sin). 

You're jumping from the requirement of baptism for the other Sacraments to "living in accordance with their baptismal dignity" with no argument in between.

Within the context of St. Thomas, that isn't true.  If you have additional citations to support  this, please present them, and I'll be happy to read them.  In the context of St. Thomas, the reception of Holy Orders confers Sanctifying Grace upon the recipient.

Quote:Not at all, dear brother Quis.  I am on very safe and solid footing here if one cares to follow my apologia.  Again, the larger contextual backdrop here is the destruction being wrought among the faithful by Modernist 'priests' with their sexual scandals, child abuse, support for antiCatholic causes, liturgical abuses, heterodox teaching and poisoning of the seminary system against wholesome, fully qualified and pious young men.  Its fun to debate abstracts and theoreticals, but the Church is in full-blown crisis right now and we must stop the hemorraging immediately.

You make a lot of speeches, play to the audience nicely, are good at grandstanding, etc., but your theological content is lacking.  Why do you keep going to Protestant sources, for example?  Maybe because the Catholic ones don't hold your arguments up?

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