There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(02-21-2011, 03:22 PM)Anastasia Wrote: On the Greek: arsenokoithV is not found elsewhere, St Paul combines two words: an old form of "man" and " having sex". I'm not sure where the translation "abusers of themselves with men" is coming from, the two italicized words are not indicated by the etymology . It's just means someone who has sex with men.
Malakoi, on the other hand, is a little trickier. I found examples in several of the Greek historians, but mostly Thucydides, that use that word to mean "cowardly, a man who ran from the battle". That would support Quis' exerpts from the Fathers which interpret that word to mean someone overfond of luxuries and ease.
But this does not go to the main point that HS is a mortal sin that if one identifys with (is unrepentant of) makes a shipwreck of your faith making the term christian a misnomer.
Sexual sins have a character and do damage beyond that of others observes Deitrich Von Hildebrand who distinguishes three elements of the sin of impurity. He writes:

In the first place, I fling myself away by giving up this personal secret to another with no intention of a real and final surrender to that person or of entering thus into a lasting external union with my partner ....
. . Besides this squandering of self, which may be described as a specific degradation of myself and my partner, this abuse of sex always involves a second factor, a desecration. To perform the act which signifies the hallowed union of two human beings in one flesh, and should be the expression and fulfillment of a lasting and indissoluble bond of love, with a partner to whom we are not united by the sacred tie of matrimony is obviously a desecration of the most awful kind ....

. . . Every abuse of sex further involves a specific defilement.

. . . The aspects which sex displays when it is isolated and no longer “formed” from within by wedded love and the consciousness of God’s sanction — namely, the siren-song of sensual attraction with its poisonous sweetness, and diabolic evil lust — display a peculiar power to corrupt and defile the soul. The moment any man in his employment of sex “wills” one of these two aspects, and gives himself up to it, he incurs a mysterious defilement and separates himself in an altogether unique fashion from God.

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