There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
I used the dictionary because you seem to hold it as the end all of the matter. (Do dictionary s hold the charism of infallibility???)
And please dont ad hominum... whether I am a trip or not is irrelevant. I may not be communicating well but sarcastically attempting to bring my intelligence to contempt is hardly necessary. (Look to see if I have treated you such?....I offered you personally nothing but respect)

so Forget everything I wrote and let me start fresh then so I can refocus
What is the definition of sex in the context of our discussion?

what is the definition of HOMO- in the context of our discussion?

Can Homo- and sexual be joined to form a coherent word that means anything beyond a cultural slang?

I assert it cannot.

Therefore following my assertion there can be no such being as A HOMOSEXUAL. The word was brought forth to promote naturalism and dismiss the notion of sin, and in these latter days it now holds political meanings. Therefore the only way to meaningfully discuss it is to use the terms sodomy and sodomite. I contend that the word homosexual deliberatly clouds the real issue and as you see from this thread has everybody chasing their tails over semantics, while the devil makes away with the truth.

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