There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(02-22-2011, 05:08 AM)Catholic Johnny Wrote:
(02-22-2011, 04:52 AM)QuisUtDeus Wrote: The persons are only impugned when they act:  they either act immorally or act by approving of immorality.  For there to be a sin, there has to be an action (or lack of action when one is required).  Having a disposition to sin is not a sin, it is a weakness and a fault.

Not so. 
St. Paul: 
And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error.  And as they liked not to have God in their knowledge, God delivered them up to a reprobate sense, to do those things which are not convenient; ... Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them.

Here the Apostle teaches that the desires (lusts), acts (working) and the identity (they that do such things) are all condemned. 

The burning in lust is an action, albeit an internal one.  Someone has to do something to sin (or not act when they should).  You don't sin because you have a fault.  You sin when you act on that fault.

They that do such things is not an "identity".  It condemns people who actually act.  They do something to be condemned; it isn't their disposition to sin that condemns them, or we'd all be damned since we all have a disposition to sin because of the fall.

You're attempting to single out a disposition to a particular sin and damn people for it.  Sorry, it doesn't work that way.  You have to actually do something, not just possess a disposition.   We don't go to Confession because of our fallen nature; we go to Confession when we do something wrong.

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