There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(02-22-2011, 01:27 PM)James02 Wrote: I have read this thread and still can't understand what he is trying to say.  Someone accused him of playing with semantics, and it comes across that way.  Or maybe I am dense.

Let us take the alcoholic.  He is dry for years.  However, he can't ever drink alcohol again.  Now is it Johnny's position that because the alcoholic confessed his sins, he is now able to go and join in a toast?  That is the sin of presumption. 

Same with a fornicator.  He knows, for example, that if he goes to a party and has a few drinks, he'll start hitting on women and likely end up in bed with them.  Can he now say, after confession: "I am cured of this.  I shall not stay away from my friends.  I can now safely go to the party and I'll be safe."?  Again, that would be presumption.

No the "Sin of Presumption" is presuming yourself to be saved no matter what.  As to a Vice and curing it  we can look no farther than  the Sacrament of Penance , if one partakes of it and repents his sins - he then meets one of the requirements by trully repenting.  Confession is only one aspect of the Sacrament.    Remember , vice doesnt happen overnight.  Think about it this way - When Jesus said "we must become as little children " his call is for a return to innocence.  How many Five year olds do you know that are Alcoholics?  Or Homosexuals?  NONE?  Right answer.  So these Vices are not the result of a single sin and I'll bet if the person thought back to the first time they got Drunk  - they would remember how guilty they felt about it.  But they were no longer Innocent any longer.  And in time with repeated Sins the Gravity of Sin  became so dull , they no longer see themselves as capable of innocence.  So what we are talking about is overcoming Vice - not merely a sin or two.    Not only is it possible - But necessary.  Certainly if one makes up their mind to Go and sin no more - because they have repented - then they do so , no matter what.  The Temptation is exactly that , Temptation.  Now as for Occasions of sin - Certainly if one has trully repented - they avoid occasions of sin out of their Will.  When a person trully repents - they repent by will.    Remember - Temptation to Sin can come in Three ways - by Act - but also by Thought and by Word.  Therefore - repentance in all three is required to overcome Vice. So a person who once was an Alcoholic but has since repented - must repent in all ways at all times.  How sorry for your sin to GOD have you been if after going to Confession and making a firm Act of Amendment of life , confessing your Sins to the Priest , doing the penance , you stop off at the corner bar for a beer or twelve the next night?    You see , the Sacrament isnt mocked.    Confession alone will not save you.  Every aspect of the Sacrament must be present for sin and vice to dissipate.  So in that regard , I side with Johnny in the argument.  It is a mtter of Will power and Desire to not offend the laws of GOD and in that Temptation takes a back seat to GOD'S Grace in that no man is tempted beyond his strength.  If he gives in to temptation - he hasnt asked for the Hlep of GOD sufficiently.
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