There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
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Yeah, like I said, I don't see mixed signals from the Church on this issue.  I think some people are just ignoring it, and that includes some bishops and priests.
Like Vat 2 deliberately vague while at the same time pretending to be authoritative. The Modern CCC is a modernist contraption and a whole thread could be started about whether catchicisms are always infallible. Seems mixed up pussy footing around to me. Homosexual persons? what is that and around we go again. ::)

A homosexual person is a person who feels attracted to people of the same sex and not of the opposite sex. If a person with that problem dies virgin, he is still a homosexual, just one who refrains from following his sexual impulses.
Then God created the sodomitic impulse?

We live in a fallen world, some people are born hermaphrodites, others retarded, some blind, without some limb or with deadly diseases. I think homosexuality in some cases is something like a case of brain hermaphroditism, that would be the case of little kids who have normal brothers, and were raised normally, but when they are 3 or 4 years prefer to play with dolls, with girls, wear their mothers clothes and make up and end up as homos when they are old.

In other cases it is learned, for example, the rape of males in prison or among ancient greeks were pederasty was rampant. It was an institution.

Even if they are born that way, they still have intellect and reason and can deduce that homosexual sex in an irrational act that is an abomination, a grotesque imitation of real sex (between a man or a woman) that serves no purpose because you can't have offspring through those acts and is also dangerous for their health.

They just have to live with their cross.

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