There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
Quote:  How sorry for your sin to GOD have you been if after going to Confession and making a firm Act of Amendment of life , confessing your Sins to the Priest , doing the penance , you stop off at the corner bar for a beer or twelve the next night?

Don't know.  You could be truly sorry, and have a firm purpose of amendment, then fall.  If you went to the confessional soley because of the fear of hell, it is enough to be valid. 
But how about if he makes it 2 months, and then falls?  What then?  Actually, why pick an arbitrary date?  Suppose he slips up at ANY future point.  Are you claiming his confession was invalid?

And you didn't answer the question.  Is this person required to avoid bars?  Is he required to avoid drinking again?  I say yes, because he is an alcoholic.   

Now, to be clear, if he falls, he is responsible for that.  He has the choice to avoid these near occasions of sin.  God does not ask the impossible.  But he is free to choose the evil.

I will also grant that over a long period of time, it is possible that a near occasion of sin ceases to become a near occasion of sin, because pleasure centers in the brain go away after a period on non-use. 

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