There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
Quote: No the "Sin of Presumption" is presuming yourself to be saved no matter what.

Assuming that you will be saved no matter what is "a" sin of presumption.  It appears any sin that immoderately depends on God's mercy is the sin of presumption.  From the summa:

Quote: I answer that, Presumption seems to imply immoderate hope. Now the object of hope is an arduous possible good: and a thing is possible to a man in two ways: first by his own power; secondly, by the power of God alone. With regard to either hope there may be presumption owing to lack of moderation. As to the hope whereby a man relies on his own power, there is presumption if he tends to a good as though it were possible to him, whereas it surpasses his powers, according to Judith 6:15: "Thou humblest them that presume of themselves." This presumption is contrary to the virtue of magnanimity which holds to the mean in this kind of hope. But as to the hope whereby a man relies on the power of God, there may be presumption through immoderation, in the fact that a man tends to some good as though it were possible by the power and mercy of God, whereas it is not possible, for instance, if a man hope to obtain pardon without repenting, or glory without merits. This presumption is, properly, the sin against the Holy Ghost, because, to wit, by presuming thus a man removes or despises the assistance of the Holy Spirit, whereby he is withdrawn from sin.

So putting yourself in a near occasion of sin, and saying, "well I went to confession, so I can do this.  God won't let me fall" appears to be a sin of presumption.  You are basically demanding a miracle.

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