There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
Yes but does the danger lie in its subtlety. Because it may seem to you as an obvious break from traditional (small t) Church understanding, but as you can see from this thread that very well informed Catholics (and Quis is an extremely well informed and Rock solid Catholic) dont see what your getting at, and even feel you are being a hater or judgmental (more subtle flawlessly undetected modernist  indoctrination?)
Ever since I woke up to my faith I noticed a the grace given to me to see subtle subtext and agendas in the way people, politicians, etc  and the mass media uses words. The very term Homosexual and Gay etc being political nomenclature hoisted on society to promote naturalism and in the 20th century out in out support FOR sodomy. I wont even use the word Gay unless absolutely necessary and as I posted above the very term homosexual is an Orwellian mind screw word. Its like a clever script virus, that every time it is used your mind becomes desensitized to the ugliness of the sin of sodomy, till you come to a point your watching Will and Grace (ever think about the title of that show about two sodomites and a fornicating woman) and laughing out loud looking forward to the next installment. A modern equivalent  is a show called Modern Family which features two sodomites who adopt a child.
Me personally (and this is another thread) I feel the Modern CCC is completely shot through with modernist heresy disguised in just the kind of subtlety at discussion here.
The Term Homosexual Persons...taken on its face...clearly denotes (again its subtle to many) a new form or third kind of person. One proof is there is no corrallary term for anyone addicted to other sins...we dont see "thieving persons" or "Non Mass attending Persons" etc  Should abortionists who repent of their bloody trade be considered "murdering persons".

In short I would like to put a sentance out there and tell me if Im right.
Homosexuals cant be Christians for the same reason Unicorns cant be Christians, there is no such species.
Does that make sense?

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