There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
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[quote] You are brushing up against heresy, if not outright crossing over.  Let's get down to application.  If you don't like talking about alcoholics, then we'll use adulterers. 

1.  Are you saying that it is incumbent upon a homosexual to RENOUNCE his sodomy and even his same sex attraction?  If so, I agree.  This attraction is disordered.  It exists for him, just as an adulterer has an attraction (though natural) for his mistress.  But in both cases they must RENOUNCE it.  No problem.

2.  Are you saying that after confession, a person with a same sex attraction should no longer be tempted by this?  If so, this is an heresy of Puritanism.  It would deny the whole concept of "near occasion for sin".  It applies to the adulterer as well as the sodomite.  The adulterer can still fall.

3.  Are you saying that a priest who commits sodomy can not validly confect the sacraments?  If so, then this is the heresy of Donatism, already rejected by the Church.

4.  Are you saying that a person who commits sodomy is no longer Catholic?  This is an heresy that contradicts what Pope Pius XII has authoritatively taught in Mystici Corporus Christi, already sited.  The Church is precise, because she is 2000 years old.  If a person who commits sodomy is no longer Catholic, then a simple confession would not restore him to the Church.  He would need to have the excommunication lifted.  However, this is not what happens.  Someone who commits sodomy is in mortal sin and loses Sanctifying Grace.  However, per Pope Pius XII, he is still Catholic, he is just a sinner.  Now if he were to profess that there is nothing wrong with sodomy, then he would be an heretic, and would indeed excommunicate himself.   There is a difference, however, and this distinction must be kept.

edit: by the way, I did not choose the example of the alcoholic.  I was replying to a post by M.H.


1.  Yes, but do not conflate a sin against the moral law (adultery/fornication) with a sin that is against both the moral law and nature (sodomy and it's disordered patterns of desire).  These are different degrees of sin as pertains to the requirements of penance, new life, and renewal of the mind.

2. No, and if you have read my remarks in this thread, you could not come to such a conclusion.

3.  No, but a "priest" ordained unworthily is in mortal sin as is his ordinary.  He presents a monstrous opportunity for scandalizing the faithful, and is a brother to him that destroys Christ's work in the Church.  Such a one is contributing to doubt in the efficacy of the entire sacramental economy, a horrific sin.

4.  This only makes sense if you consider that one can be "Catholic" and yet not "Christian", ie, in a state of grace.  Anyone baptized as a Catholic can be considered culturally or socially 'Catholic', but under the wrath of God.  Is that your definition of Catholic?  Pope St. Pius XII would disagree.  The issue is not whether he commits sodomy (and then repents and receives absolution), but whether he self-identifies "as a sodomite (homosexual by nature)".  Unless you clarify your definition, you are saying that many Catholics are going to be in hell, in which definition, the term "Catholics" assumes only a sociological meaning and is robbed of its theological and eschatalogical meanings.

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