There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
I have presented that as a component of the current crisis (openly and practicing homosexual priests still in ministry) but you have barely acknowledge it, Quis.

As far as the CCC, which I think is a fine document save its over reliance on Vatican II (more than half of all citiations are from the 16 documents).  The problem that you and I disagree on is that it states that homosexual persons are called to chastity, which can only mean 'hetero-sexual' (sorry to use that word) chastity by the CCC's own definitions.  This is not clear, and in fact one must knit together the various statemements and propositions in order to find out even that.   You say, "hopefully the disorder will be conquered" but where is the necessity for this presented?   I'm not being dishonest or pretzeling words and phrases.

The issue of openly sodomitic (or even closeted) priests is handled in tradition (per the 'spamming' I seem culpable of) far differently than the way it is today.  Q:  what happened in "our day"? that is different?  Again, you dismissed the deliberate mentions of "Today" and "Since the Second Vatican Council" in the official documents quoted which are if anything a tacit admittance that this widespread problem is of recent advent.  Or do you deny this?  And if it has arisen in these epic and cataclysmic proportions since the time of Vatican II, what changed?  

One thing that changed was a cease-fire in the war against Modernism when Pope Paul VI abrogated the Oath against it.  In Vatican II with its emphasis on man, the dignity of man, the rights of man, the unity of mankind, ad nauseum, the doors were flung wide open for humanistic interpretations of the Deposit of Faith.  Gaudium et Spes says explicitly,

May the faithful, therefore, live in very close union with the other men of their time and may they strive to understand perfectly their way of thinking and judging, as expressed in their culture. Let them blend new sciences and theories and the understanding of the most recent discoveries with Christian morality and the teaching of Christian doctrine, so that their religious culture and morality may keep pace with scientific knowledge and with the constantly progressing technology. Thus they will be able to interpret and evaluate all things in a truly Christian spirit.

Let those who teach theology in seminaries and universities strive to collaborate with men versed in the other sciences through a sharing of their resources and points of view
.  GeS, 62

while Pope St. Pius X in Pascendi teaches

Clerics and priests inscribed in a Catholic Institute or University must not in the future follow in civil Universities those courses for which there are chairs in the Catholic Institutes to which they belong. If this has been permitted anywhere in the past, We ordain that it be not allowed for the future.  Pascendi, 49

Since the Council, the 'science' of Freud is 'blended' with Christian morality and we come up with 'homosexual persons.'  Or do you, as a traditionalist deny that the Council was infected with the Nouvelle Theologie?

Why is Pope St. Pius V's treatment of this issue so vastly different from the current Catholic leadership's?  What changed?  You, who impugn my motives, be honest - what changed?  Has "modern man" changed, as Pope John XXIII averred in his opening address to the ecumenical council?  Have the conditions of modernity so changed that the Church's definitions of human nature must also be explained according to rationalist constructs?  

What happened between Vatican II and Pope Benedict's promulgation on Instructions...homosexuals...priesthood?  Why does the Supreme Pontiff put on the brakes after so much damage was done in the interim - and why did not Paul VI and John Paul II do the same?  What happened, Quis?  How did we get here?  Truth be told, the 1992 CCC is probably just formalizing what was accepted during this period - that "chaste" sodomitical men were acceptable for the priesthood, clean contrary to tradition and previous Papal instruction (some of which I have quoted).

If you are honest, you will admit that it is the "blending" alluded to in the imprecise, ambiguous langauge of GeS that has brought us here.  And that is my whole contention - we did arrive at this crisis where there is a large % of the RCC's priesthood who are reprobate concerning the Faith by accepting worldy standards above sacred standards.  This is spiritual adultery as described by St. James:

Adulterers, know you not that the friendship of this world is the enemy of God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of this world, becometh an enemy of God.   Jas. 4:4

I will stand down, then Quis.  This is your forum, I will honor your standards.  But I will not accept that reprobates persisting in mortal sin are Christians.  And in whatever sense they are priests, they are culpable of mortal sin by submitting themselves to orders in that state, and as the Angelic Doctor explained, they sin mortally every time they take to administer the functions of their office as such.  

The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

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